An electronic based Member’s Data Record (MDR) will be created for each member of BRPC. This data will initially be extracted from the Membership Application form everyone applying for membership of BRPC must complete. The extracted data will consist of the applicants following details (Data): -

BRPC will obtain additional data from the Membership Renewal form when members apply to renew their membership. This additional data will be incorporated onto their MDR and consist of: -

BRPC intends to use the data on the MDR in all matters relating to: -

In addition, but only if the member agrees and gives their written consent, the Club will pass their name, their contact telephone number and if applicable their e-mail address to the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA). This will be sent and retained in paper format and will only be used to verify the person is a member of BRPC in the event the member makes a claim against the insurance cover provided under the BRPC’s affiliation to the NSRA. ┬áIt is not compulsory for a member to give their consent and any consent given can be withdrawn at any time.

A member can instruct BRPC to delete all their personal data from the Club’s records, in which case BRPC will immediately delete all data relating to the member which is not required by the Club to comply with the Club’s legal obligations and the management of the Club. A member has the right to request a copy of the personal data the Club is holding on them. To enact these actions, a member should contact the Club either by e-mail to BRPC or by letter addressed to BRPC, PO Box 303, Wickford, SS11 8FZ, and marked for the attention of the Data Controller.

A member has the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office if they believe there is a problem with the way BRPC is handling their data.

Member’s Data Retention Periods

Electronic Data

The MDR will be retained for the duration of the persons membership. After a person’s membership of BRPC lapses, the data on their MDR will be erased, with the exception of their name and address, which will be retained for 3 years to assist in replying to enquiries BRPC receive about that person’s membership.

Hard Copy Data

Probationary Membership Application Form
This will be kept until the member has completed their probationary period and their request for membership has been approved by a vote at a General Committee meeting. The form will continue to be held until an Annual Membership Renewal form has been completed at the next membership renewal date. The Membership Application form will then be destroyed. It will also be destroyed if the member does not renew their membership.

Life & Annual Membership Renewal Form
Each years Membership Renewal form will be kept until the form for the following year’s membership renewal is received. The old/previous years form will then be destroyed.

Members Range Attendance /Signing-In Sheets
These sheets will be kept for a period of six years. This is a Home Office requirement. After six years they will be destroyed.

Disposal of Members Paper Records
Paper records will be destroyed either by shredding or burning.


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