MLAGB Thames Estuary Essex Branch

The muzzle loading discipline offers the shooter an incredibly wide choice of firearms - ranging from the flintlock “Brown Bess”
muskets of the Peninsular Wars, “Philadelphia” style flintlock rifles typical of those used in the Revolutionary War in America through to the big calibre percussion “Plains” and “Hawken” rifles so popular with the American settlers during
the mid-nineteenth century.

If your taste runs towards the military side of black powder shooting, the percussion Springfield and Enfield rifles of the type
used in the American Civil War and many Colonial conflicts well into the late 1800s, also have a strong following in the Club.
Again, there is an extensive range of muzzle loading pistols available to the Black Powder shooter. Every Saturday morning on the outdoor 25 yard range, you will see Members shooting a variety of pistols – ranging from European and British duelling
pistols (both flintlock and percussion) to several types of revolvers.

Rifle/Musket shooting takes place on alternate Sundays (odd dates) on the 50yd outdoor range and most Tuesday mornings.



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